All I do is for love. (Part1)
a short CTCD fanart comic
give it to my mama llama and all fans of CTCD :)

ACID,I don’t know how to show that what U do for me means a lot.
And this is what I could feed back to you :)
I love you just like how Katz loves Courage(?)

In these comic,Katz has been found that he had some ”special” emotion to Courage,but he didn’t tell anyone.

I will end this story maybe tomorrow.
I hope you guys enjoy it and feel excited about what happen to these two cuties!O艸O

I just want to say ”thank you<3” to everyone who loves me & my art!
I’m still  working on my Chack Valentine’s comic.
I won’t forget my promise~UwU
It’s time to say good night~
STAY AWESOME~BYE~(I Love pews haha)